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Welcome to Move with Mike!

The main reason for me creating this website was to reach and help as many people as possible.

Social media, the internet and general chat about health and fitness can be complicated and quite simply overwhelming. My aim is to break that down for you and not only give you regular workouts which are short, sharp and effective but also give you as much helpful nutritional support as possible with monthly recipes and menus, help guides and blogs!

I have always believed that regular exercise will improve all aspects of your life and this year I have seen so many people achieve this from home. More people than ever are now exercising, but also now doing it when suits them regardless of their circumstance. I hope that this programme can bring focus, education and fun to people and help them achieve levels of fitness they didn’t think was possible without a gym membership!

I can’t wait to see your stories, selfies, cooking and results over the coming months abs believe me I will be right with you, rooting for you the whole way!

Go get it!


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